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Xml id: Domna
Name (grc): Ἰουλία Δόμνα
Name (en): Iulia Domna
Name (Bg): Юлия Домна
From: 160
To: 217
Floruit: 160-217
Input: authority


Number : IGBulg_1558
Editor(s): Georgi Mihailov, Nicolay Sharankov
Type of monument: statue base
Material: unknown
Find place: Kovach
Text : Ἀγαθῆι τύχη[ι]. ΜηΠτέρα κάστρων Ἰουλίαν Δόμναν σεβαστὴν ἡ πτόλις ἐπὶ συνλιαρχίας Αὐρηλίου Δημητρίου...
Category of inscription: honorary inscription for kings, emperors, Roman officials - prose