Ancient Greek Inscriptions

from Bulgaria

Klada Bg
Xml id: Mithridates
Name (grc): Μιθριδάτης
Name (en): Mithridates
Name (Bg): Митридат
Name type : Iranian
Input: authority
Related names: Μιθριδάτης


Number : IGBulg_1022
Find place: Plovdiv
Editor(s): Georgi Mihailov, Nicolay Sharankov
Πυνθάνῃ, ὦ παροδεῖτα, τί τοὔνομαι ἢ τίς ὁ φύσας; μάνθανε πάντα...
Type of monument: slab
Material: marble
Category of inscription: funerary inscription - verse