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ΑθυπαρηνοςAthyparenusZeus IGBulg_1927 (1 file/s)
ἉλιθέρσηςHalitherses IGBulg_0920 (1 file/s)
ἈπόλλωνApollo IGBulg_1928 IGBulg_1460 IGBulg_0920 IGBulg_5164 IGBulg_0917 IGBulg_0918 (6 file/s)
ἌρτεμιςArtemis IGBulg_0491 (1 file/s)
ἈσκληπιόςAsclepius IGBulg_5702 IGBulg_1449 IGBulg_1174 (3 file/s)
ΔερζαλαςDerzalas IGBulg_0013 (1 file/s)
ΔημήτηρDemeter Tlmn2_0001 (1 file/s)
ΔιόνυσοςDionysus IGBulg_1732 IGBulg_0013 (2 file/s)
ἙρμῆςHermes Tlmn4_0002 (1 file/s)
ΖγουλαμιηνοςZgoulam(i)enusApollo IGBulg_1460 (1 file/s)
ΖεύςZeus IGBulg_0473 IGBulg_1454 (2 file/s)
Ζυμζδρηνος, ΖυλμυσδριηνοςZymzdrenus, Zymydrenus, Zymyzdrenus, Zysdrenus, Zylmyzdrenus, ZylmyzdienusAsclepius IGBulg_1174 (1 file/s)
ἭραHera IGBulg_1537 IGBulg_1454 (2 file/s)
ἩρακλῆςHeracles IGBulg_1401bis (1 file/s)
ἭρωςHeros IGBulg_1519 (1 file/s)
θεοὶ βασιλικοίimperatorial gods IGBulg_5778 Tlmn4_0001 (2 file/s)
Θεοὶ ΚαταχθόνιοιGods of the underworld IGBulg_1776 (1 file/s)
Θεοὶ ΣαμοθρᾴκιοιGods of SamothraceTheoi Megaloi IGBulg_0013 (1 file/s)
ἸησοῦςJesusChrist SIBulg_207 (1 file/s)
ΚάλχαςCalchas IGBulg_0920 (1 file/s)